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Raspberry Pi MicroSD kort med Raspberry Pi OS -32GB

Raspberry Pi MicroSD kort med Raspberry Pi OS -32GB

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✅ På lager. Leveringstid 2-4 dager.

⚠️ Kun 90 stk. igjen på hovedlager.

MicroSD-kort med 32GB fra SanDisc.
Inkl. flere Linux-distribusjoner til Raspberry Pi

Et kort med høy kvalitet og hastighet, med ferdiginstallert OS til Raspberry Pi.
Her får du også med flere alternativer til OS, se liste under.

Fra produsent:

  • This is the hard drive and operating system for your Raspberry Pi
  • Extended partition to make full use of the SD card
  • Ready to use – plug it in and you’re ready to go
  • Only the most current stable release of the operating system will be used
  • High-quality MicroSD card for the Raspberry Pi
  • Authentic Quality SanDisk cards
  • Pre-imaged with NOOBs and delivered in individual sealed bags
We recommend that first-time Pi users start with the "New Out of Box Software" (NOOBS) operating system for the Raspberry Pi. Note that NOOBS requires a monitor for first-time set up (not suitable for headless users).

Don't have an SD card reader handy? No problem, this handy little microSD card comes with NOOBS already installed. Perfect for a Raspberry Pi beginner and convenient for those with more experience

  • Raspberry Pi OS
  • LibreELEC
Available: (internet connection required to install)
  • Raspberry Pi OS Lite
  • Data Partitioner
  • Lakka
  • Recalbox
  • TLXOS Thin Client (Trial)

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